Bucket Siler

That's me! Bucket Siler.

Hey, writers! I know you.

…because I am you. Here's my story: I’ve been writing since 1999. I’ve published a few short stories in literary magazines you’ve never heard of and sold a decent number of copies of my self-published chapbooks, but otherwise I’m far from being a famous writer, and even further from a wealthy one. I’ve spent more money on my fiction writing career than I’ve made from it (thanks, MFA), and as the years go on, I’m getting the sneaking suspicion it’s going to stay that way. My writing is most likely to remain a dedicated passion rather than a paying career, with the occasional small publication or $10 chapbook sale to my mom (or my friend’s mom—shoutout to Brenda for always buying my latest zine) to sweeten the deal.

And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. My work as a freelance editor allows me to support my fiction writing hobby, leaving me free to enjoy writing without all the pressure of “making it.” So instead of putting my energy into fretting about whether my stories are marketable, if I can get an agent, or whether my newest character is on-trend, I can focus on being creative, having a good time, and working hard to improve my writing... just because it’s fun, goddamn it.

Does that make sense? I knew it would. That’s why

I started this site for you, the do-it-yourself, write-what-pleases-you, die-hard fiction writing lover.

Like, sure, you wouldn’t turn away a six-figure book deal. But are you going to ditch your beloved sprawling epic fantasy, told from the perspective of Napoleon’s time-traveling cat, in order to make it big? Or your hundred-word angsty flash fiction piece? Or your Jane Austen fan fiction? Abso-fucking-lutely not.

And yet. Writing for yourself doesn’t mean you don’t care about whether your readers like your stories, too. You might even want to publish someday—as long as it doesn’t mean making sacrifices that burn a permanent scar into your creative soul. You want to be a better writer, there’s no doubt about that. You just don’t want to sacrifice your happy place—or your life savings—to get there.

I get it. And I can help.

Here are some places to start:

Get access to my free DIY Toolkit for Fiction Writers, which has a ton of downloads to help you with your writing

Download The Pocket Guide to Self-Editing for Fiction Writers (also free!)