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If you've come here looking for my Character Development Checklist, you're in the right place!

...except now it's called "Creating Character Arcs," and it's just one of MANY downloads available in my Free Resource Library!

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The Ultimate Dialogue Checklist Thumbnail
The Ultimate Setting Checklist Thumbnail
Questions to Ask an Editor Before Hiring Them Printable Checklist Thumbnail
Proper Manuscript Format Printable Checklist Thumbnail
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Novel Submission Template Thumbnail

...and more coming soon!

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"This checklist has proven to be really, really helpful. I finally realized what my characters were missing."

- Jessica B.

"Wow! This was surprisingly helpful. Thanks!"

- Kurt H.

"This checklist showed me I was making a big mistake by focusing on the wrong character. Thanks for this useful tool."

- John S.

Bucket Siler, The Literary Architect

Meet Bucket Siler, Bringer of all the goods

Oh, hi there. I'm Bucket Siler, aka the Literary Architect. I was on my way to sand down a fishing boat the morning this picture was taken, so my hair is super messed up and I'm wearing sweatpants, but, hey, at least I'm smiling. The camera-shy have to take what they can get.

In case we haven't met, I'm a writer, developmental editor, and blogger extraordinaire at The Literary Architect (um... that's this website!) where I try my darn-dest to help innovative fiction writers create fan-fucking-tastic stories.

I created this free resource library for my email subscribers because, well, being nice and whatnot. I'm constantly adding to it, so once you get your password make sure to check back often to see what's new! Hope it helps 🙂

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